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Passage to Africa offers the unique opportunity of joining an exclusive ‘invitational safari’, lead by professional guide, Fausto Carbone.

Zimbabwe, once revered as a top safari destination in southern Africa, is re-emerging as an exciting, unspoilt and uncrowded place to visit. It’s a country with great animal and bird diversity, magnificent, unique scenery and friendly people. What’s more, it currently represents the best value destination in Africa. It is also where Fausto spent 30 years developing and nurturing his passion for natural history. Fausto will guide you through the many natural treasures that await you in Zimbabwe by getting close to the pulse of Africa as you interact with local communities, hike the massive granite outcrops, walk the open flood plains and canoe the mighty Zambezi River.

This ZIMBABWE: WILDLIFE & CULTURAL CONNECTIONS safari will take you from the Kalahari Sands of Hwange, the country’s largest national park with the highest mammal diversity and Elephant population, to the breathtaking views of the granite ‘Kopjies’ of Matobo Hills the cultural epicentre of Zimbabwe with it’s many historical sites. Here you will be hosted by a local historian who will provide insights into the San and Ndebele culture as well as important events and people, such as Cecil John Rhodes, which have changed the course of history.

From the Matobo Hills you will travel to Zimbabwe’s northern border and the world heritage site of Mana Pools National Park. Spending time on the shores of Africa’s fourth-longest and most beautiful ~ the mighty Zambezi River. Mana Pools adds diversity to a safaris by allowing you to get away from the typical vehicle safari. Renowned for it’ beauty, it affords you the diversity of walking in the open flood plains where big game roams and canoeing the river where viewing the game and birdlife is done in a quiet and unobtrusive manner.


ON FOOT: Truly understand the real nature of the African wilderness by seeing the micro detail of the bush, so often missed from the safety of your vehicle. Ever wondered what it feels like meeting an elephant or lion whilst walking? With so many different habitats to explore, from open plains, sandy river banks and fossilised sand dunes and mystical acacia woodlands; no two outings will be the same. Yet all will be memorable as Fausto opens your eyes and ears to often overlooked intriguing details.

ON THE WATER: Get a completely different perspective as you drift along in a canoe at the river’s pace and peacefully view the Zambezi’s remarkable flora and fauna in the quietest and least obtrusive way. Encounter, at eye level, hippos, crocodiles, elephants crossing the river or the buffaloes that inhabit the reed fringed islands or the many water birds of the Zambezi. For a more energetic experience, paddling a canoe in these waterways is truly one of the most incredible wilderness experiences.

NIGHT SKIES: Believe us when we say that Fausto’s passion for astronomy and his knowledge of the vast and clear Southern Africa night skies will add another whole dimension to your safari!

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: Get the rhythm of daily African life by spending an evening in a village where nothing is contrived or artificial. This is a simple but rare and ‘life changing’ opportunity. Understand the ‘African way’ and culture, which is often overlooked by the allure of wild animals whilst on safari.

Compiled by Jackie
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