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Three suspected poachers were arrested by Uganda Wildlife Authority on Sunday while they were selling game meat in the market in karamoja sub-region on Sunday.  The arrested people belonged to a famous group that hunts down the wild animals for food and medicine in Napak district.

The arrested people were identified as Joseph Lobong, Lokiru Nirya and Paul Lokura.James Okware the senior warden in charge of Matheniko, Pian and Bokora wildlife said poaching had always been happening in the reserves but this was the first time the poachers were caught. He said the poachers find the animals moving from Pian Upe game reserve to Karamoja then they throw their spears at them.

Okware said the poachers were found with a lot of game meat such as the antelope meat and they were charged of wild animal killing and selling of the meat. He requested the Karamajongs to stop the illegal killing of the game because the district earns revenue from the animals and told the people that anyone found burning the bushes in the gazzetted wildlife areas would be arrested by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Lately, wildlife in karamoja sub-region has increased because illegal firearms were taken away from the people of the district and this reduced on the killing of the game illegally.

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