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From Queen Elizabeth national park, wild animals attacked a 63 year old woman by the names of Mary Nkafanakyo in Bwambara sub-county which is located in Rukungiri district. It is said the animals raided Kikarara and Kakoni-Nyabubare parishes in Bwambara sub-county and started destroying people’s crops.

The district Police commander, Julius Salube, said Mary was attacked while in her garden and she could not protect herself because she was too old.

The Kikarara parish councillor, Chris Kagayano, said during the dry season the wild animals go looking for food in people’s gardens and on Wednesday, they spoilt the people’s cassava and potatoes. He said the animals are dangerous mostly when they have their young ones.

Emmy Ngabirano, the district secretary for production and marketing, said they had planned to get finances to dig a ditch that would prevent the wild animals from getting to the villages. He also pleaded for the ministry to provide food to the people whose crops were destroyed and the chairperson of Bwambara sub-county, Dinnah Rwakacaka, requested the government to pay the family of Mary there loss.

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