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The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a wildlife conservation body has been challenged to integrate local people in the tourism industry if the country is to achieve sustainable tourism.

The involvement of local communities especially those in the park is an important plan for tourism development. Neglecting local people undermines the country of tourism success. These remarks were raised by tourism stakeholders at a recent Kampala workshop.

“With knowledge that tourism has the potential to contribute significantly to Uganda’s economy, emphasis should not only be put to the development of infrastructure and tourism facilities.” Geoffrey Baluku, a tourism consultant noted.

Baluku indicated that for tourism to be developed in a sustainable manner, efforts should be made to ensure enjoyment for the tourist and minimum impact or disruption for the local communities and environment. Benefits should be vivid among within the locals if we are to sustain tourism.

“Unless local people begin feeling tourism in their pockets and in their living standards, those Strategic Long-and-short-term tourism plans designed stand to be fruitless if they do not incorporate the local person.” Baluku emphasized.

He advised UWA to ensure that tourism revenue stays in the host communities to enhance their livelihoods and generate a profitable source of income and that a symbolic relationship must be built with the locals staying close to the Wildlife conservation areas if UWA does not want the Tourism industry to be frustrated the low levels and there is need to emphasize the use of work with new technology, natural resource management and marketing concepts for the travel tourism industry in Uganda to prosper.
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