UWA to dig Trenches to stop Elephants in Murchison falls national park

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Uganda Wild life Authority (UWA) allocates Sh100m to dig trenches to stop elephants in Murchison falls national park.Uganda Wild life Authority (UWA) allocates Sh100m to dig trenches to stop elephants in Murchison falls national park.Murchison falls National Park is largest Wildlife Park in Uganda and the best place for Uganda safari Adventures. The park is a home to a variety of wild animals that include herds of Buffaloes and Elephants, which local people surrounding the park complain about for destroying their crops.The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and CARE International, a humanitarian agency, are to dig trenches along the Murchison Falls National Park boundaries to prevent elephants from crossing over to local communities of Koch Goma sub-county in Nwoya district.  This was revealed during a recent stakeholders’ meeting district at Sunset Hotel in Gulu district.According to UWA officials, Sh100m has been allocated to the trenches in Koch Goma and this is expected to provide a temporary solution to the problem. Additionally, CARE International also contributed sh60m towards the project.Richard Businge, the director of quality learning, said the pilot project, scheduled to begin this year, would be implemented by the Voluntary Initiative Support Organisation and African Pact.He added committees to oversee the digging had been identified in each parish and would be trained before work begins.The district chairman, Patrick Okello Oryema, said the sh100m from UWA would be channeled through CARE since they are implementing the project. He said Koch Goma was chosen for the pilot project because it is the most affected area.The district leaders said as a temporary solution is being implemented, a more permanent solution of erecting electrified fences along the boundary be sought.The monitor of the return of internally displaced people in the north, Lt. Col. Francis Achoka, said elephants would continue crossing over to people’s gardens because their passage from Murchison Falls national park to Zoka Forest in Southern Sudan had been blocked.Achoka said agriculturalists, who have acquired land along the corridors, have not left space for the animals.“Farmers did not mind about the safe passage for the animals, hence forcing them to look for alternative passages and, therefore, destroying peoples’ property.”Koch Goma chairman John Bosco Okullu said the animals had killed one person, injured nine and destroyed several properties and gardens.


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