UWA GETS ANTI POACHING GADGETS (budget uganda tours)

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The Uganda Wildlife Authority has received a donation from Bush Meat Eastern Africa that is worth Shs 7.5 million to control poaching. The donation included ivory detectors to detect ivory in every way it has been carried out, computers to track animals through the Global Position and security torches for the rangers.

Mr. Tumwesigye said poaching has not been controlled 100% because of the lack of enough equipment in protected areas to control the amount of poaching taking place. The new equipments will   cover 50% of the anti poaching gadgets needed.

According to the UWA recordings, poaching has increased yet in the previous five years it had reduced because of the increased stopping of ivory poaching in the area currently.

In 2011, 15 elephants from Murchison Falls National Park were killed for tusks.

Animals are also killed for Bush meat and according to Ms Michelle Wieland of Bush Meat Eastern Africa said there is a lot going to be done to strengthen anti poaching laws in Uganda.

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