Uganda wildlife education center’s Oldest Chimpanzee turns 46 | UWEC

he oldest chimpanzee, Zakayo celebrated his birthday with his two wives and family as he turned 46 years, on Saturday 28th, August, 2010.

Zakayo came out shouting and clapping as excitement filled the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre on Saturday.

Being the oldest alpha male chimpanzee at the center that was formerly called Entebbe Zoo,  Zakayo  is loved by many Tourists and wildlife students.

On his birthday, Zakayo emerged from his facility with sticks for cutting the cake that was prepared by the staff at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center. He picked some icing sugar from the cake and strutted away gobbling, giving chance to other chimps to gorge the birthday cake.

Students who had come for the occasion, recited poems about chimpanzees, sang and watched a documentary about the animals being hunted down in the wild.

Later Zakayo and his family celebrated his birthday in company of his two wives Ruth and Amina, company of Achan, the youngest chimp, as onlookers crooned more birthday songs.

Chimpanzees are among the sought after wildlife in Uganda by tourists taking their safaris in Uganda. Kibale Forest, Murchison Falls National Park, the Kyambura Gorge and Ngamba island sanctuary are among the few forests in Uganda where chimpanzees can be seen in the wild. There are a number of Uganda Safaris featuring chimpanzee tracking offered by different tour operators in Uganda.

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