Uganda Wildlife Authority Probe Team

The Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry has appointed a probe team to conduct an investigation into the quality and cost of infrastructure development concerning the funds managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a statement released by the Ministry said.

The six-man team, headed by retired Supreme Court Judge Prof. George Wilson Kanyeihamba, has been put into place following complaints from numerous stakeholders.

The project to be probed is the Protected Areas Management and Sustainable Use (PAMSU) that was funded by the International Developing Association (IDA) and the Global Environmental Facility, under the World Bank.

Prof. Kanyeihamba will be working with Col. Stephen Kwiringira, Eng. Gabriel Ajedra Aridru, and Dr. Fixon Okonye. In addition to these, Mr Denis Bireije and Ms Catherine Muganga were appointed as Counsel and Proceedings Officer respectively.

The probe team is expected to come up with a report within a period of three months.

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