Uganda Tourism to be promoted

The National Geographic photo journalist, who intends to stay for two years studying Uganda’s unique wildlife and nature, arrived in the country last month so as to promote the country’s tourism industry. He has been to Asia and Amazonia, Jorge Camilo Valenzuela.
“I will be going to Mt Rwenzori national park, Mgahinga national Park and Bwindi impenetrable forest where I will spend about five months in each area studying the animals. When I live with animals for a while they become friendly to me, I too master their life style then I can take photographs with ease, Valenzuela thinks that other people should be exposed to what Uganda has to offer like the chimpanzees and gorillas.” He is ready to ensure that he exposes all the photography and videos of Uganda’s wildlife to the world through his usual exhibitions.
This he says will help boom Uganda’s tourism industry like it did for the Amazon when he exhibited the jaguar in Brazil.
He praises Asia for its Pocepes, a monkey species that is unique to this continent because that is its ethnic home. He says this attracted thousands of tourists to Asia after his exhibition held in Brazil where people picked interest in the animal and floated to the country to have their eyes direct on God’s unique creation.
Having spent less than a month in Africa he cannot point out what is unique and outstanding about this continent but liked the mountain gorillas and he is yet to explore more during the two years he is to spend here.
He hopes to promote Uganda’s tourism industry if given chance by the Ministry of Tourism to explore the nation.
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Najjuka J.
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