Uganda Tourism boosted by Global Hiking

Following the annual inaugural Hike4Life challenge organized by Focus, an international humanitarian relief organization, the organization seeks to mobilize resources through sponsorship of hiking or cycling challenges to boost Uganda’s Tourism.

Participants who are drawn from around the globe help to boost the host country’s tourism. Focus works with its agencies in Europe, North America and South Asia.

Due to its intact natural beauty and highly challenging terrain, Mt Elgon attracted 41 participants from Europe, USA and Canada.

“We wanted an environment that could dare contestants both mentally and physically. In consultation with our local partners, Mt Elgon emerged as the best venue” said Irfan Haji, vice chairman of Focus agency in Europe.

Organizers of the Hike4Life challenge expressed optimism about the impact the event had on the country’s tourism sector.
“We are delighted to have hosted this event in Uganda. Many of the participants had never travelled to this country; the hiking challenge offered them an opportunity to experience the hospitality and warmth of its people, as well as discover the magnificent countryside,” said Mahmood Ahmed, the Aga Khan Development Network resident representative in Uganda, during the event.

The Uganda hiking challenge raised some $250,000 which is to be injected into the ongoing humanitarian activities in Afghanistan and India.
This is in contrast to previous Hike4Life events that raised an average of $500,000 each.
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