Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Gets New Home

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), the Tourism promotion arm of the country, has got a new home.

Formerly located in the basement of Impala House on Kimathi Avenue, UTB has moved to its new offices located at Windsor Crescent, in Kampala’s posh Kololo suburb.

Located in about an acre of land, the plush spacious office is being seen as a step ahead by UTB to take the staggering but potential sector that has kept lagging behind her East African Counterparts.

The Uganda Tourism Board’s Executive Director, Mr Cuthbert Baguma, told East African Business Week last week that the spacious offices are ideal and convenient for Tourism.

Baguma, who is only just four months in office, said the former office at Kimathi Avenue was inadequate for marketing.

“Fundamentally, you can’t talk about marketing and promotion without image, and one of the key ingredients of image is location in terms of accessibility, proximity and convenience,” Baguma said.

“The previous office space we were occupying at Impala was grossly inadequate for the creation of a prime marketing agency like UTB as the tourism marketing arm of Uganda.”

Apart from its offices at Garden City, Baguma said UTB plans to open another office in a prime location in the central business district to ease accessibility and convenience for improved customer care and service delivery.

In 1907 Uganda was visited by Winston Churchill. His discriminating and perceptive analysis of what Uganda has to offer was recorded in “My African Journey”, where he wrote “Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa“.

Blessed with unique attractions, beauty, its well-earned reputation for hospitality, modesty and friendliness, Uganda seems to be slowly losing its tourism grounds. With the trials of independence and civil war now long past, Uganda has once again opened its doors to tourists.

Over the past three years, Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism, through its associated agencies the Uganda Tourism Board and the Uganda Wildlife Authority are sowing the seeds of a brand new conservation-based form of sustainable tourism.

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