Uganda Tour operators urged the government to construct more roads

The operators noted that Uganda’s tourism sector has the potential to grow two-fold but this potential is stifled by the failure to open up new tourism sites.

The existing roads to the tourism sites, the operators also noted had dilapidated overtime because they had outlived their lifespan; thereby, they need renovation.

“Traffic congestion and the poor roads also make business difficult and more costly. We would like to government embark on building more and wider roads,” reiterated Barbra Adoso, vice chairperson, association of Uganda Tour operators.

She made the comments on Friday during the tourism forum at Uganda museum in Kampala.

The forum was organized under theme, “Uganda has received a number of international accolades in the past few years, how has the country made use of these accolades to foster growth in the tourism sector”

The operators noted that Uganda despite having received a number of international Accolades in tourism, had not taken advantage of these awards to market the sector to the world.

They urged the government to partner with the private sector in a bid to market the country’s tourism potential to the world through advertisement, participating in global tourism fairs and improving relevant infrastructure.

“Accolades present promotional opportunity like branding. Let us identify specific things that other countries don’t have and market them as our unique tourism identity, “said Lyazi Vivian, the principal tourism officer and spokesperson of the ministry tourism, wildlife and antiquities.

Uganda earns $900m from tourism annually.

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