Uganda to receive Antelopes from Kenya

Uganda will import 12 Oryxes from Kenya for re-stocking Kidepo Valley National Park.
“The Oryx, a species of antelope, previously roamed parts of north-eastern Uganda and had become extinct in the park”, Said Sam Mwandha the conservation director.

He explained that a few of them are still surviving between the hills separating Abim and Pader and that the oryxes used to be found in the plains of Karamoja, Southern Sudan and Kenya.

Mwandha added that poaching, which pushed animals to extinction, had thrived in the political turmoil and civil unrest of the 70s and 80s but this changed two decades ago and the wildlife populations have been increasing.

The Oryx, which are world famous antelopes among tourists, will be Tran located from Heller Park, run by Lafarge, to help establish a breeding population in the country.

Hima Cement Factory which is part of Lafarge will donate the animals and airlift them to Kidepo National Park Uganda.
Compile by
Jackie N
Uganda tourism news consultant

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