Uganda Presidental Contenders Vows to Rebuild Cultural Sites

The President of the People’s Development Dr. Abed Bwanika has said he will rehabilitate Prince Gabula Nadiope’s palace at Budumbula in Kamuli district and revamp all cultural sites in Busoga if he is elected president.

He said the NRM had left Busoga’s culture in shambles, yet such places are tourist attractions that are a source of income to the region.

Bwanika was addressing a rally at Kamuli Bus Park on Wednesday.

The palace, he said, had been left to the dogs, yet the tombs of prominent people like the late William Kadhumbula Nadiope, who doubled as Uganda’s vice-president and Kyabazinga of Busoga, was buried there.

Currently, the renovation that needs over sh120m is being funded by well-wishers, but less than 10m has been collected.

Bwanika added that if voted into power, special funds would be allocated on the national budget to cater for the beautification of popular shrines and towards the welfare of the oracles.

Bwanika, who arrived amidst ululations from supporters, added that his government would increase funds for the agricultural sector from the current 2.5% to 15%.

The budget, he said, would help Uganda make technological interventions in the sector to transform Uganda into East Africa’s food basket.

“Uganda is blessed with fertile land and a friendly climate. I see no reason why we should die of hunger,” Bwanika said.

Bwanika drew cheers when he said once elected, fuel prices would fall immediately, like they had in Rwanda.

“Fuel is cheaper in Rwanda than it is in Uganda. Prices will fall because our oil is almost ready,” he said, to the excitement of the business community, who shouted: “Doctor, doctor, you’re our saviour.”

He later proceeded to Kidera trading centre in Buyende district, where he promised free medical care for the elderly and expectant mothers.

Bwanika promised that infants would be catered for until they are five years. He also promised a pay rise for medical staff from sh360, 000 to sh800,000.

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