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In then peace full northern Uganda, the government has embarked on promoting tourism in the region. The State Minister for Tourism, Mr Serapio Rukundo, said northern Uganda has numerous tourist attractions ranging from wildlife, rich landscapes, scenic rivers and cultural and historical sites.

“Unfortunately, these unique attractions largely remain unknown to potential tourists, tour operators and investors,” Mr Rukundo said at the launch of a book, Tourism Investment Opportunities in Northern Uganda.

Late last year, the Northern Uganda Transition Initiative and WILD, a tourism agency, commissioned a Tourism Opportunities Assessment, which compiled a more thorough assessment of potential historical, natural and cultural tourism attractions in region.

The study found that “attractions and destinations apart from the Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley National Park were largely unknown” to visitors and tour operators or were felt to be too risky to visit.

Political leaders and players in the tourism sector said the move by the government would help create more employment opportunities for the communities in the north.

The outgoing Gulu District chairman, Mr Norbert Mao, said, “This launch is an offensive to show that Northern Uganda has many positive attributes. It is not a place of warmongers.”

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