Typhoon Soulik leave tourists stranded

Following landfall in Typhoon Soulik, floods are expected to reach mainland China as reported by local media. Around 8,000 people were evacuated from their homes before the typhoon struck, with hundreds of soldiers deployed to high-risk areas and the whole island declared an “alert zone” by the authorities.

Thousands of people were evacuated in Taiwan and the entire island declared an “alert zone” as Typhoon Soulik made landfall, killing one person and injuring seven. Typhoon Soulik hit Taiwan early on Saturday, killing one person and injuring 21, local media reported citing the island’s meteorological authority. The fatality was reportedly a police officer who died after being hit by falling bricks.

More than  1,000 people were evacuated from a coastal village in Taiwan before the typhoon, which has wind speeds of 173 kilometers per hour, made landfall, local media reported.

China’s Eastern provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang are on the alert for gales and torrential rain, some high-speed rail services have been suspended, China’s National Meterological Center has warned that the heavy rains could cause mudslides and floods.

Typhoon Soulik surged across northern Taiwan, killing at least two people before moving to southeast China and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from coastal provinces. China braced on Friday for the impact of Typhoon Soulik as the toll of dead and missing from torrential rain across a broad swathe of China climbed beyond 200.

In Taiwan, roofs were ripped from homes, debris and fallen trees littered the streets, and some areas were submerged by flood waters. One town in central Taiwan reported “widespread” landslides and water levels a storey high.

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