job in travel and tourism management can be an exciting career path ...
Twenty years of age. Seven languages. Six months of front desk internship with an award winning hotel brand. Three years of study at what is ranked as number two in terms of leading hotel management schools in the world.
One love: travel & tourism.
One goal: “My goal is to grow and be something important.”
She is engaging, endearing, professional, purposeful, impressive, inspiring.
Most importantly, she is reason we can be confident that the future of tourism is in good hands.
Meet Martina –
Meet the future leadership of the global travel & tourism industry.
With annual travel & tourism sector growth maintaining a steady rate of 4%-5% per annum, 2012’s milestone of 1 billion international travellers almost doubling to 1.8 billion in 2030, investing in tourism infrastructure is critical to the industry’s development, enrichment and sustainability, especially for the over 260 million people and growing that work in the industry.
Across all regions, significant investment of time, funding and expertise is going towards planning for new airports, airlines, hotels, resorts, attractions, events, and other essential projects. Each and every programme for industry readiness is needed to meet not only growing organic demand, but also leverage unique opportunities coming from new markets and mindsets.
The hardware investment and prioritization is clear. The changes to the tourism landscape are visible. The wiring is making the critical connections.
However, even with the immense commitments coming through the building of the foundations for our future travel and tourism world, with careful consideration of underlying implications and required adjustments to enable true ‘freedom to travel’, ‘policies for growth’ and ‘tourism for tomorrow’ (as set by the WTTC and UNWTO as pillars for sustainable sector advancement), there is one area that still remains a concern: the software, the human software.
The project development pipeline is clear. What about the pipeline for people development to ensure we meet the demands on the people who bring the sector to life?
Is our industry doing what it takes to meet the needs of the jobs it will take to serve the sector?
It is, as with traveller segmentation, about understanding emerging habits, attitudes and aspirations of emerging leaders – how they are motivated to learn, participate, advance, stay.
As shared by Martina, a self assured yet still gentle mannered intern of Portuguese/German descent, she entered into the ‘hospitality’ industry for the chance to work in a business that mixes psychology, economics and travel into one even though not seen as a high profile, glamorous career to her friends. Readying to return to studying in Switzerland, she sought after an intern post at the Starwood Hotel Group’s breathtaking Westin Snowmass property,
“I am here because I wanted to grow. I wanted to get the experience of working in the United States, with a good luxury hotel group, and then go study. I am always wanting to learn more. Some people are motivated by the money in a job. But that is not me. I want to grow as a person, and I want a job that gives me a lifestyle. The money does not matter as much.”

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