Tourist aged 79 sets foot on summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (Hiking tours in Tanzania)

A Canadian tourist has called upon Tanzanians to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to be able to test, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Africa’s highest peak bestowed to them by God, the Al Mighty.

The tourist, Raymond Walker (79), made the call to that end recently after climbing the mountain to its top most Uhuru summit, to become the first elderly to set a foot on the mountain’s highest peak.

Walker said that he felt proud to become the first climber of his age to reach one of the reckoned international treasures. He added, “I wanted to see how it looks like on the top”.

He thanked local tour operators for supporting him and encouraging him from the start to the end of the long climb.

“I feel so proud to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro at this age [79]…I advise Tanzanians to climb the mountain while still young,” he said.

A local tour coordinator, whose firm facilitated Walker to climb the mountain, Faheem Aloo, said his company, Tusker Trail, provided guides for accompanying tourists by providing them with all essential needs, including medication services.

According to him, Walker is the first person to reach the top of the mountain at such an old age.

Compiled by Jackie
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