The police of Kenya has arrested the head of conservation lobby group after writing an article saying there has been uncontrolled poaching of ivory in the country.

The CEO of Eco-tourism, Kahindi Lekaihaile has been arrested after the director of Kenya Wildlife Service opened a case about Kahindi’s explanations in the article.


Kahindi has been arrested for depressing the power of a public officer, section 123 of the penal code for disagreeing the report e by KWS director that 275 elephants have been poached in Kenya.Kahindi said that the large number of reports of uncontrolled ivory poaching in Kenya in 2011 might be false according to the situation.


He said the number of elephants killed might have 10 times more that the amount KWS had said. Though Kahindi has been arrested he still knows that ivory poaching in Kenya has highly increased and must be attended to in public without any further hesitation.

Ecotourism in Kenya supports Kahindi because of his good work he does to protect the reliability of Kenya’s conservation achievement and support responsible tourism in Kenya.

Elephants have been the major key for Kenya’s conservation achievement and the heart for tourism.

Compiled by Jackie
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