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Haichang Holdings, a leading developer and operator of theme parks and ancillary commercial properties in China, is pleased to announce that the ownership of Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World’s land use rights was successfully obtained, which marks the official kick-off of the project.

Differentiated from the traditional marine theme park model, Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World, will position itself as a world-class marine life culture experience complex. The park is set to commence operation in 2017 and will set the benchmark in the domestic industry for innovation and thought leadership. Adhering to the development concept of building “Marine-themed Culture”, the park will bring together a holistic integration of entertainment, ecology, and the scientific in an extremely interactive way, to create the foremost sustainable tourism product system, whilst building a “Situational Experience Resort”.

Mr. Qu Naijie, Chairman of Haichang Holdings, is delighted to launch the world-class, flagship marine theme park into the blueprint for the international city planning of Shanghai. “Today marks a historic moment for Haichang Holdings. The obtainment of the ownership of Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World’s land use rights marks Haichang Holdings’ entrance into the Shanghai market for the first time. We will leverage our theme park operational experience and innovative technological know-how by introducing the highest standards of international design, planning and leading management practices. Together with the Shanghai Government, we will fulfill the pledge of developing a world-class park for Shanghai citizens and tourists from all over the country. This project also denotes Haichang Holdings first-rate standards in theme park scope, construction scale, and operational and management expertise; further enhancing the competitive advantage and brand value of Haichang Holdings in the domestic as well as international markets. The Shanghai Project is of strategic importance to Haichang Holdings’ future development. The completion of the project will fill the gap in Haichang Holdings’ East China presence and will enable Haichang Holdings to become a truly nationwide developer and operator of theme parks.

Considering the geographic location of Shanghai, this project will also enable Haichang Holdings to open up the regional markets of East Asia, and eventually step onto the world arena,” said Mr. Qu Naijie.

Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World occupies a site area of approximately 297,155 sq.m., and has a total gross floor area of approximately 190,152 sq.m., which is expected to become a world-class marine park when completed. The Shanghai Project will consist of a world-class marine theme park, a themed resort hotel, and ancillary commercial facilities. Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World will be comprised of 13 exhibition halls, 4 large animal interaction plazas, 4 large cinemas, 18 medium-to-large scale amusement rides, showcase animals from the north and south poles, marine fishes, and offer entertainment activities such as special effects films, animal science-themed exhibitions, science-themed educational programs and water-borne parades.

In order to build a brand new world-class flagship marine theme park, Haichang Holdings has commissioned a number of key international firms to aid with the strategic positioning of the project and the overall concept development. The park will be co-designed by internationally renowned design companies that also participated in the Disney and SeaWorld projects. The design will integrate the traditional exhibition of marine life with advanced high-tech solutions, to improve the interactivity and participation of the park’s attendees. Additionally, the Company is also planning to commission a professional team with international experience to be responsible for the preparation of project construction and operational management in the future.

Mr. Wang Xuguang, Chief Executive Officer of Haichang Holdings, said, “The Shanghai Project is the seventh polar ocean world project launched by the Company. In terms of in-park infrastructure, the project is consistently being identified by our peers as a pioneer in the field, from concept development to design and construction of facilities. The ethos of high quality, has also been meticulous implied when considering project planning and the overall visitor experience from product positioning, total number of animals, display design, in addition to the development of diversified products and diagnosis of core market value. Haichang Holdings has fully prepared for the success of the Shanghai Project. As a world-class flagship marine theme park, the Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World will showcase a wide range of polar marine species. It will also host significant entertainment features such as large marine science based entertainment facilities, and an omnimax movie theatre. We are determined to ensure the Shanghai Project will be on par with the industry’s global first-tier standards in the areas of animal science exhibition, education, theme entertainment and high technology.”

Located by Dishui Lake in Lingang New City, Nanhui District, Shanghai, Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World enjoys a superior location and transportation conditions. It takes about an hour and a half’s drive from downtown Shanghai and about half an hour’s drive from Pudong International Airport. With nearby Metro Line No. 16 directly connecting to Longyang Road in Central Pudong, Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World is highly accessible. Lingang New City is located in the southeast side of Shanghai and is positioned as a harmonious and livable new city with a Marine-themed culture and leisure and tourism as its key features. As the target area of the project, the Yangtze River Delta has a population of approximately 200 million, with the highest GDP and the strongest per capita income and purchasing power in China, It is positioned to become one of the main growth engines of Shanghai in the next 20 years considering the large amount of tourist arrivals after the project commences operation.

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