Thunderstorm triggers cancellation of flights in US airports, tourists stranded

Thousands of passengers including tourists were left stranded in US airports as nearly 600 flights were cancelled and thousands delayed due to heavy thunderstorm. Airports in the Northeast were the most affected ones as hundreds of flights were either delayed or cancelled.
The New York City-area airports were also affected by thunderstorms. More than two hours of delay were reported at JFK while the Newark Liberty and New York LaGuardia reported 90 minutes of flight delay, according to the FAA.
The rampant cancellation of flights forced tourists to change their schedule. LaGuardia airport reported as many as 209 flight cancellations. Other airports that recorded flight cancellations include Newark Liberty (90 as of 5 p.m. ET), Boston (53), Chicago O’Hare (50), Philadelphia (48), Detroit (39), Nantucket, Mass. (38), and New York JFK (36). Flights that closed their operations due to thunderstorm include American (Chicago O’Hare and New York JFK), Delta (Detroit, New York LaGuardia and New York JFK), JetBlue (Boston and New York JFK), United (Chicago O’Hare and Newark Liberty) and US Airways (Philadelphia).
Travellers are advised to check with airport officials before booking tickets.

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