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President Yoweri Museveni is in Dallas, Texas to promote tourism and ...

The president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged tourists from different countries to come and have a glance at some of the natural wonders found in the pearl of Africa. Speaking this, he was at the grand opening of the 39th World Congress Africa Travel association (UTA) which was held in Kampala. In his words, he said that if beats his understanding when Africa is seen as one country yet it is a continent with very many countries and problems of one country may not affect the other. He said this because of the Ebola crisis that broke up in western Africa and tourists were discouraged even those who were planning to tour Uganda ended up canceling their safaris.

This five days conference with a theme “tourism is everyone’s business” is held in Kampala and this time, delegates from different countries are expected to attend. Different issues concerning the world’s tourism will be discussed and various ways improving the sector will be reached at. The conference will also bring together both international and local tour operators under their umbrella –Africa Tourism Association (ATA).This organization which was founded in 1975 is based in the United States of America and its main objective is to sell Africa’s tourism fraternities to North America and the outside world.

Though Uganda is commonly known for harboring the rare mountain gorillas, it has other adventurous tourism wonders visitors can enjoy looking at on their safari.


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