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A favorite domestic tourism destination for Iranians is the Persian Gulf island of Kish. The island is home to dozens of high-end construction projects

Persian Gulf island of Kish is a favorite domestic tourism destination for the Iranians. The island is home to dozens of high-end construction projects, including hotels and shopping malls. It attracts more than a million visitors each year, but it’s now eyeing tourists from outside Iran’s borders, starting with regional countries.

Kish Island, also known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf is a tourist hotspot for many Iranians, but now it eyes more tourists and investors towards this tourist destination. Talking to the director of the Kish Free Trade Zone he talked about their priorities in attracting tourists and investors from regional countries first.

“Our plan is to attract tourists from Islamic countries in the region as our first goal, then non-Islamic countries in the region and then gaining tourists from Europe and Americas. Recently we’ve started flights to Kish from Najaf in Iraq and in the next few days we will have flights from Istanbul in Turkey to the island,” Ali Asghar Mounesan, Director of the Kish Free Trade Zone Organization said.

This island is also taking more steps towards gaining investors by the many international expos it hosts annually, and because of the reduced red-tape, it is seen as a viable choice to as more and more nations eyeing Iran’s market. The changing political situation in Iran has led to many countries of thinking in investing in Iran, and one of the easiest places to test the waters, is Kish island as there are no visas and taxation.

Over a dozen nations took part in this event from Iran’s neighbors Iraq and Tajikistan to as far as the UK and Australia. Khosro Moslehabadi, CEO of the Natl. Retirement Fund Brokerage Co., said “The presence of international exhibitions in Iran allows productive relations between foreign and local investors. This leads to a better understanding about the projects and potentials that exist in the country thus attracting more investment towards Iran’s economy.” To see some of the projects in Kish I toured the island with one of the main real estate agents in the Island. He talked about the benefits of investing in this Island. The director of Iranian Real Estate Co., Saeed Yousefi, said “Kish has entered a new era in construction, we witnessed in drop in construction projects few years ago but now we’re seeing a jump in the number of projects from shopping malls to residential buildings and at a fast pace.” As more and more nations are heading towards Iran’s market, the Kish island with its reduced red-tape and laws aimed at supporting investors and tourists and is seen as a notable destination.

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