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The US state of South Carolina, known for its diverse attractions and many firsts, is making efforts to promote tourism from India.

South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley, along with the Director of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Duane Parrish, met the media in Delhi on November 17 to reveal the reasons why more tourists from India should come to their state, which at the moment only gets about 30,000 visitors from India.

The Governor emphasized the fact that for Indians, her state is of special importance, as there are many similarities. Ms. Haley’s parents hail from India and she made a trip to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple, which was a moving experience for her, she said.

South Carolina has mountains, lakes, history, and 360 golf courses, plus adventure activities, and long beaches. The Governor and Parrish said that adding a visit to South Carolina for Indians was not just a vacation, but an experience.

Haley, who was in India at the age of two, said as Governor, she had made things very easy for industries to prosper, and hence many famous names like Boeing and BMW had set up shop in the state.

What India, under Modi, is trying to do now in India, we have already done, she quipped, in South Carolina.

Colombia, the capital, offers many recreational opportunities and a lively night life. Nature hikes and white water rafting are other attractions in several parts of the state.

Haley said that there was a gurdwara in her state as well as a temple, and Indian restaurants.

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