A modern high school in Robanda village located in Serengeti district in Tanzania has been constructed from part of the percentage they receive from Robanda Tented Camp .the lodge belongs to Moivaro Group and in 2011, the group gave Robanda village 115m/- which they have used to build the new high school. Five classrooms and a laboratory have been constructed and the administration block will soon be finished.

Robanda has been the first district to construct a high school using the revenue they receive in Mara region and the school will be opened next year. The school will have all classes and its aim is to encourage education among the girls in the villages.

Robanda village is located at the border of the world’s known Serengeti National Park, Ikotongo game reserve and part of the village there is Ikona Wildlife Management Area which is an area where photographic tourism takes place.

The people from this village used to depend on poaching as their main source of income and Moivaro has been the main investor that has helped in economic development.

The tented camp receives visitors from all parts of the world and they buy vegetables and fruits from the residents to support horticulture. The lodge has also created employment opportunities in the area by employing a number of youths from the village.

Compiled by Jackie
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