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Security has increased in Mombasa because local and foreign tourists have occupied the hotels and beaches for the Christmas season.Aggrey Adoli ,the police manager at the coast said a number of security measures have been set up at the coast to make sure the residents and the visitors at the beaches, ocean enjoy the season.

He said they have two police helicopters watching the area from Kiunga Lamu to Malindi and Mombasa and two rubber dingys to make sure the visitors at the beach are safe. Each rubber dingy will be carrying four policemen to add to the current one.

Adoli said the police will be helped by two trained crews on each boat. He also told the people mostly those from overseas to be careful with people claiming to be beach boys because some tend to be corn men and rapists. This is mostly done by the boys running the boats that take people to another island and threaten to drown them if they do not do what they ask.

The police manager warned that the most attacked group has been the girls from foreign countries who are inexperienced about the country. He has told the police to check everyone entering and living Mombasa at all strategic points where a number of road blocks have been put for security reasons. Motor vehicles have been registered to work in the areas to ease on the security check-ups.

There will not be any police officer at the coast that will go on leave until the Christmas period has ended.

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