Rwanda’s Kitabi College awards Advanced Diplomas to 15 students

Abanyeshuri 15 barangije muri KCCEM nyuma yo kwakira impamyabushobozi zabo

Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management, located on the outskirts of the Nyungwe Forest National Park, serves as a resource and training center for those seeking positions in wildlife conservation, research, surveillance and monitoring of game and nature but also for staff wishing to work in the tourism private sector as guides or in management entry positions.

15 students were on Friday awarded Advanced Diplomas in their respective courses in conservation and environmental studies at the  college in the presence of Ms. Rica Rwigamba, Head of the Tourism and Conservation Department of the Rwanda Development Board, under which auspices the institute falls.

Also present at the graduation ceremony were representatives from the Ministry of Education according to the details received from a Kigali based source, in addition to tourism stakeholders and relatives of the graduates.

While tourism has become a mainstay of Rwanda’s economy and is the leading sector in terms of foreign exchange earnings, the country has been playing catch up with building and strengthening the human resource development element for the sector. The Rwanda Development Board in particular has taken a lead role in recent years through hospitality training, vocational training and of course at the KCCEM where environmental and conservation courses are taught in order to inject skills and competence into the industry for improved service delivery across the board.

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