RwandAir appoints Bert van der Stege as new General Manager

Mr. Bert van der Stege, has been  General Manager Of RwnandAir

Bert can look back at a significant career with Lufthansa since 1999, before joining West Africas Arik Air in 2010 as a Vice President, an airline now operating some 24 aircraft used on domestic, regional and international routes including New York and London.
Meanwhile will all aspects of sales be handled by Ms. Alice Katiti, previously holding this position while a new position for Manager Corporate and Strategic Planning will be taken on by Ms. Lilian Kyatengwa, who was formerly in charge of sales.
The information now obtained indicates that RwandAir is fast becoming a major regional aviation force and is clearly intent to not just cement their position in the region as the fourth largest airline after ET, KQ and PW but is planning to become a major African player as the airline moves progressively towards the delivery of more aircraft ahead of the arrival of two B787 Dreamliners in 2015/16, at which stage RwandAir will go intercontinental.

Compiled by Jackie
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