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Rwanda won the best African exhibitor’s award for the 4th time, during the International Tourism fair in Berlin Germany. This has been so because Rwandan government ensures that any chance to market the country is used to the maximum.

Come June 2010, Rwanda will display case its tourism potential at the World cup finals in South Africa. What is outstanding is that Rwanda is amongst the smallest economies in the East African Community only coming second last to Burundi. But its belligerent nature of the approach to business is extraordinary.

Kenya and Tanzania grasp the largest tourism impending in the EAC followed by Uganda but seem to be at ease with the figures tourism is fetching in their coffers.

In Uganda, tourists are attracted by the variety of flora and fauna although the infrastructure is still poor to enable the country reap maximum benefits from their resources and the major tourism attractions are the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Tourists turn up in the wild game reserves but leave for Kenya and Tanzania because of lack of accommodation. Perhaps it is timely that the Uganda government has decided to set up a US$6million project to promote tourism.

This withstanding the EAC as a body should follow Rwanda’s footsteps and step up the gear in investing in tourism promotion. It would be embarrassing for the rest of the region to wake up only to find that what they deemed as a poor member is far above them as regards exploiting natural resources.

Other than attracting visitors a lot of business deals can be struck since a country attractive to tourists is simply regarded peaceful where business can be easily conducted. Apart from tourism promotion, Rwanda has taken steps to make doing business easy. It is possible to register a business in 24 hours which would take a month in other countries while acquiring land can take as little as three days. The EAC must pick from this model and ensure the region moves forward as a whole.

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