Rwanda has received an award for supporting access to malaria control and treatment. The 2012 African Leaders Malaria Alliance award has been received by President Paul Kagame on behalf of the country.

Seven African countries received the award and President Kagame said decline of malaria has been as a result of a lot of hard work put towards improving the wellbeing of the people of Rwanda.

According to the present records, people who have sided of malaria have only reduced by 7% in Rwanda from 60%. Because of the distribution of a number of treated bed nets, a combination of therapies and indoor residual spraying.

The president of Rwanda has called upon African countries to work together to fight malaria and direct more domestic resources to malaria control.

People who have received awards have grouped into two whereby the first group Rwanda, Burundi and Mozambique have been known for stopping the importation and use of artemisinin based monotherapies and removal of taxes on all basic commodities used in fighting against malaria. The second group included Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya and Benin whereby they have been awarded for making wonderful development in malaria control in 2011.

Compiled by Jackie
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