Rwanda formally launches automated immigration processing for nationals

The test phase successfully concluded saw the automated passenger arrival system for Rwandese nationals now formally launched at Kigalis Kanombe International Airport. Four years of developments and a significant investment in technology, and a trial phase reported her a few months ago, have now yielded the wanted results and the process of returning home can now be accomplished by Rwandans with simply swiping their passport through the reader, provide a thumbprint and the gate and within 17 seconds the process is completed without stamps or having to fill immigration cards.

The groundbreaking new technology is the first of its kind across the East African Community and in fact thought to be a first for Africa too, once again putting Rwanda on top of the leaderboard.
Present at the launch was the Minister in the Presidents office and notably RwandAir CEO John Mirenge, who reportedly took the opportunity to say: This new technology will enable passengers move swiftly through immigration procedures and it is important that all the other services within the airport follow suit in quickening their services a reminder to constantly improve the quality of handling and customer service at all levels. It is understood from a regular aviation source in Kigali that RwandAir, which is also the only handling company at the airport, is working hand in hand with other partners to improve the service delivery at the airport, also making heavy investments while at the same time waiting for the decision to award the contract for the construction of the new, state of the art, Bugesera International Airport, to which operations will shift when complete some time in 2016.

Compiled by Jackie
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