Reunion Island Tourism: the new venture in South Africa

A few days ago, the Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) Office in Germany send out the fourth and last newsletter for the year 2014, all of which were themed differently and each of which promoted a special attraction the island offers to visitors. Over 15,000 recipients in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany received news from Reunion Island and were able to read about the inclusion by UNESCO of the Maloya Heritage, chosen to highlight and underscore the tropical nature of this French Creole island deep in the Indian Ocean.

Also mentioned were one of the year’s great sporting events, the Grand Raid 2014, and, of course, the imagination of the readers were teased ahead of the cold season in Europe to try and sample the summer in the Southern Hemisphere on Reunion Island and perhaps spend some vacation time there or even take a holiday over the Christmas and New Year festive season.

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