Frankfurt’s Book Fair opened five days ago as the “Global Capital of Ideas” and was distinguished by its vibrancy and the desire of its visitors to come together. Authors also demonstrated a willingness to occupy new intellectual spaces.
Due to the railway strike the day before ending at 6:00 am in the morning, travelers were hesitant to use early morning trains, which was ideal for showing up at the world’s largest book fair on the opening day, where few people entered the halls until mid-day.
Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, is also a Doctor of Philosophy with Distinction in History from the University of Exeter, UK, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Geography from Durham University, UK, just to name a few.
He has written countless books, received honorary doctorates from all over the world, and is known throughout the Gulf region as a firm believer in the significance of the role that arts and culture play in bridging the minds and souls of the people of the world.
The Sharjah International Fair (founded by Shaikh Sultan) is a focal point for the book business in the whole GGC region and is greatly admired.
The Frankfurt Book Fair is the “do-it-yourself book fair” where publishers may expand their opportunities, cross international boundaries as a matter of course, meet new faces in the technology and content scenes, and reach maximum publicity with more than 9,000 journalists.
In the project, “Frankfurt Undercover,” more than 20 international writers met over a period of three days to address political issues from the particular perspective of authors.
With the first international summit, “Challenges in Education and Culture Policy,” hosted by LitHam and the Frankfurt Book Fair, the program included discussions with international ministers and experts (among them Professor Pasi Sahlberg of Harvard University) about current topics and challenges. In his keynote speech, Professor Pasi Sahlberg of Harvard University examined the latest challenges emerging in the international context together with Malta’s Minister of Education & Employment and Evarits Bartolo, in a discussion of today’s wave on migration and integration of refugees. The motion was chaired by Mattew Anderson of BBC Culture.
This year, the Frankfurt Book Fair has entered into new partnership with Samsung, combining mobile technology and the global publishing industry with innovative technologies.
The new Business Club alone brought together around 3,000 visitors from more than 50 countries to take advantage of its array of conferences, consultations, and networking services. In more than 70 sessions, approximately 150 speakers examined the issues and trends of the international publishing and media industries.
Almost 100 tech-based innovators from all around the world made use of the Hot Spot exhibition areas for service providers. As Boos said of the Hot Spots, “There’s probably nowhere else that shows more effectively just how many new ideas – how many new companies – there are at the Book Fair.” But in the content field also there have never been as many new faces at the Book Fair as there were this year.
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