Rare buffalo sighted in Ngorongoro

Just when ecologists worldwide thought they have cracked all wildlife theories, a new discovery has emerged in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority where a rare sighting of strangely coloured buffalo is raising pandemonium.

Normally, buffaloes have been coal-black but recently a cream-white variety has been spotted making rounds at the edge of the legendary Ngorongoro crater and already, conservators, ecologists and zoological researchers are on its trail.

“It is indeed a rare and very strange development as far as wildlife in both Ngorongoro and country as whole is concerned,” admits the NCAA chief ecologist Mr Patrice Mattay.

The white buffalo was initially spotted by officers serving at the Ngorongoro Police Post who claim to be seeing the strange species around their post on frequent basis but usually in the early hours of the morning.

The Officer in Charge of the Station, JJ Paul confirms that he has seen the white buffalo several times; “At first I heard the news of the strange animal from other cops and recently I saw the buffalo grazing amid a group of other animals on the crater edge,” he said.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area has over 350 large buffaloes among 300,000 other animals living within and on the edge of the massive crater. The “white” buffalo is likely to be the only one spotting such strange colour amid the species.

The Manager in-charge of conservation at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, Mr Amiyo T Amiyo stated that the discovery of the strange coloured buffalo calls for a new type of zoological study in the vicinity.

Normally, all wildlife studies in the Northern Zone circuit were strictly confined to carnivores especially lions, wilddogs and cheetahs but now buffaloes may join the list.

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