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AirAsia flight QZ8501 sits upside down on ocean floor as bad weather ...

A sonar image that may be the body of the missing AirAsia jet has been viewed on the floor of the Java Sea.

The Indonesia’s search-and-rescue agency said the image appears to show an airplane upside down on the ocean floor in 24 meters to 30 meters of water. The image was obtained Tuesday by an Indonesian Navy ship that is part of the search-and-recovery effort, the agency said in a release early Wednesday morning.

A comparison of location coordinates released by the agency suggest the object is about 3.2 kilometers to 3.5 kilometers (about 2 miles to 2.2 miles) from several fields of floating debris that were discovered Tuesday.

Indonesian officials have confirmed that remains and debris found in the waters off Borneo are from the plane.

The authorities say that six bodies have now been retrieved.

Staff from the Surabaya government are sorting data of those aboard QZ8501, before dispatching to Bhayankara Hospital.

The USN 7th Fleet said the USS Sampson will remain on station as long as Indonesia feels it’s providing useful assistance in search for missing AirAsia flight 8501.


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