Provision of Tanzania permits for tour operators available online

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In a statement issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, the shift from analogue to digital started on July 1, 2013 and served to remind all operators to apply for permits online. “Following adoption of the electronic permitting system, application for permits can be done online.

A customer can fill the form on their own or through assistance by our officers at our offices,” the statement read in part. Some of the offices that applicants can visit include Tourist Hunting, CITES and Photographic Tourism Office in Arusha, Selous Game Reserve at Matambwe and Mtemere entry games and Wildlife Division headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

The statement said that in accordance with regulation 4 of the Wildlife Conservation (Non-Consumptive Wildlife Utilisation) Regulations of 2008, requires all owners of tourist lodges and campsites operating in wildlife areas to obtain a permit from the Director of Wildlife before conducting any tourism activities outside national parks and conservation areas.

Non-consumptive wildlife utilisation refers to a form of utilisation which does not include taking-off of wildlife. Types of undertaking that exemplify this form of wildlife utilisation include, but not limited to activities such as operating tented camps, lodges, site seeing and educational activities.

The form of wildlife utilisation entails commercial and recreational activities include commercial photographing/filming/cinematograph; rafting; canoeing and balloon flight (require prior consent from the Director of Wildlife), camping (in established camp site, special camp site or fly camp site) game viewing, sport fishing, motor boat safari and night game drive.

The conditions for the applicant for business or investment on non-consumptive wildlife utilisation are to own a company registered by a competent authority in Tanzania, have established office premises, have capacity to carry out the business of non-consumptive wildlife utilisation, comply with the general management plan of the area.

Others are to obtain an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval from a competent authority where applicable, sign an agreement with the Director of Wildlife on the modalities of establishing the investment or operations, pay fees as may be prescribed by the Director of Wildlife and comply with any other condition as may be prescribed by the Director of Wildlife.

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