Passion Made Possible to market Singapore Tourism

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Passion made Possible is aimed at promoting the Singapore Tourism and Singapore Economic Development Board internationally.

Passion Made Possible

 Passion Made Possible 

Passion made Possible was launched by the Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Economic Development Board with an intension of marketing and selling Singapore Tourism to the world.

For several years, Singapore has built a strong reputation as a global business and tourism hub, recognized for its quality infrastructure, safety, stability, contentedness and accessibility.

Passion Made Possible was officially launched Mr. S. Iswaran, the minister of trade and industry

However, global competition to attract tourists and investments has intensified, and the media landscape has become more crowded and complex.

STB regional director for south-Asia and Middle East and Africa, Mr. G.B. Srithar was quoted saying that with Passion Made Possible, STB is presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story beyond just Tourism.

Welcome on Board,  Passion Made Possible to Singapore Tourism

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