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Parc Des Volcanoes national park is announcing the birth of twins in one group of mountain gorillas, the Hirwa.

The good news was announced by Rwanda Development Board gorilla trackers of the Hirwa group on Thursday after observing the twins, who were born to the mother called Kabatwa. The twins are both males and looked very healthy at birth.

The birth of twins is a rare event for any population of gorillas, and very few cases of twins have been documented in the wild or captivity.

Mountain gorillas usually give a singleton birth and during more than 40 years of gorilla monitoring in Rwanda, only five cases of twins have been recorded.

In 2004, twins were born in Susa group to the mother Nyabitondore. In addition to being the first twins to have survived and reached the adult age (now aged 6.5 years), the Susa twins called Byishimo and Impano are famously known for having been named by the President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame and First lady Jeannette Kagame during the first public and national launching of the gorilla naming ceremony in 2005.

A day before twins’ birth in Hirwa family, there was another birth in Amahoro group from the mother called Kubaha. The three baby gorillas bring the number of newly born and unnamed gorillas to 13 gorillas that will be named in the next gorilla naming ceremony “Kwita Izina” scheduled for June 2011.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the biggest Tourism activity in the country’s Tourism Industry.

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