Nyamulagira Volcano in Virunga Park DRC Congo Erupts


A spectacular fire show started last night when Nyamulagira volcano (also known as Nyamuragira) began an eruption that happens about every two years. The eruption could be seen clearly from park headquarters – probably the best view you could ask for. It appears that the eruption is not happening on the volcano itself, but on the side and lower to the ground. We’ll fill you in on details once we have them.

This is NOT the volcano that tourists hike to see the lava lake, but a far more active volcano just to the north. Most of the lava flows north into an area where no one lives, so it shouldn’t bring harm to people or wildlife as the flow is moving slowly.

Eruptions like this one can go on for days, weeks, or even months, so we’ll update you on the status.


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The view of the eruption from the office terrace. The sound is like a dull roar.


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A closer view of the eruption (on the left side)

Compiled by Jackie

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