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Vanilla Island founder member Reunion Island started the New Year with a bang and fireworks, not only over the sky of the island, but also fireworks in cyberspace, as their new website was officially launched.

The new site features beautiful visuals; provides extensive information regarding accommodation, leisure activities, meals, and natural and cultural heritage; and is generally a treasure chest of details about what visitors can expect when coming to this French island deep in the Indian Ocean.

The interface is modern and highlights the major advantages of the island – the volcano, the sea, the mountains, and cultural traditions. The site offers personalized navigation to users, who can attempt the meeting experience according to their visitor profile. Be they outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers of new crops, or travelers seeking relaxation, visitors can plan their stay on the island according to their own preferences, desires, and budgets. The suggestions tailored to each tourist profile, make a real gem among tourism websites.

The site includes a scheduler that allows travelers to reserve their stay on the island without problems. S/he can create a journey through an intuitive tool that enables it to provide its program over several days, adding tourism products to their wish list. The module then provides a comprehensive overview of the intended stay, with the number of nights in preferred accommodation, the selected activities, eating places, or events taking place across the island, be it theater, concerts, or festivals. Once a visitor has established a program, the option exists to save it, print it, share it, and book the selected services directly.

Interactivity is also at the heart of this new website which offers direct access to the various social networks on which the destination is already widely publicized like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and YouTube. One of the novelties of the site lies in the presence of a social wall which contains the publications made on the various social networks mentioned above. Mobile applications are also available from the site for travelers wishing to (re)discover the landscapes of the island, through photos and videos with virtual 360-degree tours.

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