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Anti-government protests continue in Kathmandu

International tourists, who bring in dollars to Nepal, tend to delete Nepal from the list of destinations that they would like to visit, reducing the country’s foreign income, which is not a good sign for the tourism sector that was gradually recovering following the decade-long conflict in this country.

Hoteliers and airlines operators said 22 percent European and American tourists, who had earlier booked rooms and tickets to travel to Nepal in the spring season, have already cancelled their bookings due to strikes and protests of Nepal’s opposition parties and some more likely to follow suit, officials of Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) said.

This is specially bad, since the peak travel season to Nepal is in March.

More than 22 percent international visitors, who has planned visit Nepal 2015 Spring season, have cancelled hotel bookings after Nepalese opposition parties announced series of street protests and general strikes recently.

Tourists, who wish to visit Nepal from March onwards, generally start inquiring about travel packages at this time of the year but the number of such inquiries has dropped recently because many have started fearing the protests would prolong.

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