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Miss Seychelles 2014 - Audition

The true spirit of Christmas is to give for a good cause. Every festive season the OJ Market Mall on Market Street in Victoria, Seychelles, upholds its tradition of keeping the true spirit of Christmas alive with a late-night shopping spree and the distributing of gifts to children.

This year, the OJ Market Mall sent out a splashing invitation for late-night shoppers to come to the mall on Monday, December 22, until 8 p.m. for Christmas shopping with a difference. As is customary, “Miss Seychelles… Another World” 2014 Camila Estico joined the OJ Market Mall’s team to give out gifts to children in town doing shopping with their parents.

Miss Estico was this time invited to grace the event with her presence and distribute gifts to children. Saturn Band with lead singer George Payet filled the air with Christmas tunes and put shoppers in a joyful mood for Christmas.

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