Malaysia customs seize record blood ivory shipment

The customs and port officials in Port Kelang in Malaysia confiscated what might be the largest blood ivory haul ever, weighing as much as 20 tons according to sources quoted in Malaysia.

It is believed the shipment  came from Togo in West Africa and was destined to be shipped on to a final destination thought to be China.

Over 1.500 tusks were discovered representing over 750 elephant butchered for their tusks, which in China and other Far and South East Asian countries fetch record prices as the demand for carvings, seals and even chopsticks made of ivory soars among the nouvelle riche in that part of the world

CITES is heading into their next general meeting in 2013 already faced with applications to sell so called legal ivory but the amount of illegal ivory seized this year in various raids in Malaysia and Hong Kong indicates that a new approach will be needed to stop the slaughter of the African elephant.

Estimates are being made now that 2012 might be the bloodiest year ever for the African elephant with more than 10.000 elephant allegedly poached in Tanzania alone and perhaps as many as 30.000 across the continent.

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