Maasai Mara hotels awarded for eco-friendly initiatives

Sarova Mara Game Camp

Two hotels in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and another in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park have been honoured for best practices in waste water management.

A joint team of environmentalists from Kenya and Tanzania had earlier in the year carried out the studies on how hotels within the Mara- Serengeti Ecosystem were managing waste water and after consideration and consultation, honoured the three hotels.

“The hotels embraced best ways of managing waste water. Unlike others which drain theirs in Mara, Talek and other rivers, the three devised ways of recycling them for further use,” said Nick Murero, the Mara- Serengeti Ecosystem Coordinator for Lake Victoria Basin


Other hotels, he said were given certificates of participation, adding that the annual event was aimed at taming waste water being drained into rivers especially Mara River which is the main source of fresh water to wild animals within the ecosystem.

Murero who received the awards on behalf of the hotels, asked other hotels to emulate the three facilities and asked Narok County government to set up other initiatives to save Mara River whose source is in Kenya from pollution. “The county should discourage the practice through limiting the number of lodges and camps along the river. There are many tourist facilities along it which were set up without environmental impact assessment being done,” said the official who spoke on behalf of the commission during the ceremony.

The event happened even as debate over whether or not some lodges’ and camps’ built-in wildlife habitats and migratory corridors in Mara should be demolished continues to rage with owners of land outside protected areas demanding incentives to discourage them from leasing them to investors.

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