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The number of tourists visiting the Isles last year was relatively low although no statistics have been provided so far.


During press conference held in Zanzibar aimed at revealing the review of legal and policy framework on safety and security in Zanzibar, ZATI chairperson Mr Abdulsamad Said informed journalists that insecurity is to blame for the low number of tourists received in the area.


“Attacks on tourists, and irresponsible media coverage scares tourists. We kindly ask the media to be more responsible when reporting on Zanzibar,” said Abdulsamad.


He said, “It is a fact that some tourists have been beaten and robbed and there were explosions in Zanzibar.


But the way the incidents were reported hurt Zanzibar.” He said current laws are not friendly to tourism, for example, “When a tourists is attacked, normally suspects are arrested and charged in Court without the victims being present.


Normally the victims are rushed back to their respective homes, making it difficult to provide sufficient evidence.

Abdulsamad emphasized a review of the laws including allowing witnesses through video conference. Tourism is the leading foreign earner accounting for more than 80 per cent.


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