According to the information got from the Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) show that there are intentions of having the sale of rhino horns talks legalized, however this action according to a number of conservationists, this will just increase the rate at which all the other crimes related to that within the national parks.  This has coming in just four years following the Convention on International Trade in these rare types of animals for example  after the legalization of the elephant ivory trade, there has been an increase in the rate of poaching like the case was in the 1980’s according to the reports provided by the EIA .

According to the information provided by Ms Mary Rice who is the executive director of EIA, she seriously criticized the idea of making it lawful to trade in animal products emphasizing the point that this will only increase the rate of poaching to get the rhino horn as the case has been with the elephant ivory. The investigations done by EIA’s also indicate that legalizing the sale of elephant ivory has not educed the vice like they had earlier thought but rather increased.

About 90% of all the ivory that is sold out in the market is acquired through illegal hunting especially so since the prices of authorized ivory had improved to about $7,000 for every kilogram in the years of the years of 2010 and 2011. Therefore the authorization just made everything worse than ever expected with that high demand in China and keeps on growing every day so said Ms Rice said.

In addition, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is also responsible for the increase in the illegal hunting of animals since they have of been responsible enough to fight against the vice.  Charles Tumwesigye who is UWA’s Chief Conservation Manager also mentioned that Murchison Falls National Park had about 15 elephants killed in just one year by poachers.  However, Rhino Fund Uganda has vowed not ever permit such a law to be passed not after all the problems that came along with permitting the sale of elephant ivory which is just enough proof that legalize the sale of rhino horns will come with similar problems.

She said that although they have not yet reached an agreement about the proposal however she is confident that Uganda conservationists will not agree to it. Ms Angie Genade the executive director Rhino Fund added that they definitely cannot cut off the rhino’s horns since fighting that law is absolutely not feasible.

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