Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park contains an extensive area of wetland and harbours several species of mammals including Zebras, impalas, elands, topi and buffaloes. The bird population includes the rare shoebill stork, it’s sculptured landscape with rolling grassy hills and idyllic lakeshores has a varied mosaic of habitats: forest galleries, rich acacia tree valleys, seasonal, and permanent swamps which all support a wealth of wildlife.
The park is only 370km and the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks. Its mosaic habitat: dry hillside, rocky outcrops, bushes, thickets, open and wooded Savannah’s, forests, lakes and swamps are home to a suprising diversity of plants and animals.

This Park is famous for its richness in biodiversity. It has about 68 different species of mammals. The common ones are zebras, impalas, and buffaloes, topis and elands that are herbivores and leopards, hyenas and jackals that are predators. The park also has more than 315 different species of birds including the rare shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, African fin foot, saddle billed stork, brown chested wattled plover, curruther’s cisticola, tabora cisticola, great snipe, abyssinian ground hornbill and white winged warbler.
Acacia species, Olea species and Boscia species dominate the woody vegetation of Lake Mburo.


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