Kenya wildlife service to carry out aerial game count in Samburu National parks

(16/23) An aerial view shows a family of elephants grazing in Tsavo East National Park, Coast Province, Kenya, 12 February 2011, on the last day of the Elephant Census conducted by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). More than 100 conservation officials from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Sudan gathered in Tsavo to conduct a six-day aerial census of elephants and other large mammals in the Tsavo (Kenya)-Mkomazi (Tanzania) Ecosystem in an effort to establish the populations and trends of animals to help the authorities in making conservation and management policies for the ecosystem. Nine aircrafts from KWS and other wildlife NGOs were deployed to survey an area of 46,437 sq km, divided into 43 blocks, and count the total number of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, rhinos, lions, ostriches and such.  EPA/DAI KUROKAWA

Kenya under Kenya Wildlife Service to lead 12 Air crafts to to count elephant and Grevy zebra starting from November 25th, to November 30th. Samburu National Park, the Marsabit area and Shaba Game Reserve are the targeted Areas. All three areas are part of a wider range for the elephant with regular migration of significant numbers of animals, following available pastures after seasonal and unseasonal rains.

The count is a follow up of earlier such activities to establish population trends in the semi-arid North of the country and expectations are that while the elephant population has grown in recent years the rarer Grevy zebra population may have reduced, putting the species firmly on the endangered list.

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