Kenya Wild life service’s sets leading projects in national parks

The Beach management seem to be the two most important words which is the conclusion that one gets after going through the information that was presented over the weekend about the chosen leading projects after serious consultations and research done between the those who benefit and the affected who are the stake holders like the tour operators, the hotel and the Kenya wild life services too. The most important requirement by the hotels bringing many complaints from the tourists is to have the beach boys beaches destroyed because they have been a big problem to the visitors especially those one coming from outside Africa making them so uncomfortable to an extent of wishing they had not left the resort gardens to go to the beaches to be disturbed by the vendors of those rare/odd articles, those giving out souvenirs and yet in most can case the exchange is not in order.

Most essential for sources close to KWS even if are conservation steps to sustain the delicate marine environment, control the continuous gathering of shells and coral by tourists which has in some parts of the park contributed to degradation and encouraged best practices among st visitors and their tour guides go along with them on tours in the field to help them identify different features they may not be aware of or not sure about.  More to the conservation steps taken, they are more centered on the daily beach maintenance, tighten the beach security by using security personnel in uniforms and some not in uniforms so that they are not easily notice by the law breakers, provide particular places where the vendors can setup simple stalls and hung their stuff to be bought by whoever is willing to buy them and not to just invade people‘s privacy.  A lot of research should be done by the stakeholders in order to maintain the beach ad make as much profit as they can.

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