Kenya Ministry of Tourism to protect foreign Tourism Resources

The Ministry of Tourism in Kenya has placed a law excluding unsanctioned foreign tourism companies from the country’s major attractions. It has been discovered that the unregistered foreign and local operators do businesses in national parks, game reserves and other tourist areas.

Ms Leah Adda Gwiyo, the Tourism Permanent Secretary said the Tourism Industry Licensing Act and the enforcement agencies have to ensure the law is fully obeyed and it is not restricted to boat excursions, balloon operators, tours and travel operators, local air charters, driver guides and game ranches though advising the operators to renew their 2011 licenses.

Ms Leah said that private vehicles owned by tour companies in Kenya would operate in the national parks only after paying the foreign vehicle fee.

The chief executive officer of the Kenya Tourism Fund Ms Agatha Juma said the law would increase the values of service they offer if the licensing decision is strict enough because it would take out those that pretend to be true operators.

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